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Does your home have clogged drains? Do you have backed-up sewer lines? If so, you need help from an expert.

MVP Plumbing offers quality rooter service in Newtown Square, PA. We’re plumbing experts specializing in removing blockages from drains, pipes, and sewer lines. 

How Do Drains Become Clogged?

If your drains are clogged, you might wonder how this even happened! Drain clogs can occur at any time and place, but they almost always share the same few causes.

Fats, oils, and greases (FOG) are behind most kitchen drain issues. FOG buildup occurs when homeowners put food waste down drains instead of the trash. Over time, FOG accumulates in drains, sticking to other substances.

Bathroom drain clogs usually don’t come from FOG buildup. Instead, hair, soaps, and shampoos cause bathroom sinks and showers to become clogged. 

However, the worst type of drain issues result from an unlikely culprit. Tree roots love underground pipes, as they provide nutrients and wastewater for them to consume. They can break into pipes, causing cracks, ruptures, and blockages. 

What Are Rooter Services?

Many homeowners don’t know what rooter services are. Here’s why rooter services can help deal with clogs.

Rooter experts remove roots and debris from clogged drains. Typically, the process uses a drain rooter, chemicals, and pressurized water.

Some tooting professionals begin the job by applying chemicals designed to remove tough clogs. However, many professionals prefer to use pressurized water instead of chemicals. Either way, these substances help break down debris lodged in the pipe. Finally, pipe repair professionals finish the job by snaking a rooter through the pipe, removing any tree roots present.

Unlike other plumbing services, rooters specialize in dealing with clogs caused by tree roots. They also provide attention and expertise that conventional plumbers often don’t have. 

Rooter Service By MVP Plumbing

Signs You Need Rooter Services

Here’s how you can tell if you need rooter services.

Sewage Backup

Clogs often travel through piping and into sewage lines. When sewage can’t flow out of your system, it’ll return to your kitchen and bathroom drains. So if you see or smell foul sewage in these places, chances are your sewer needs help.

Sewage exposure can harm humans, as it contains waste products and toxic bacteria. You should call a rooter service in Newtown Square, PA, if you notice any sewage backup. Don’t wait, as sewage backup only gets worse over time.

Slow Drains

Are your drains struggling with water buildup? Do you notice water pooling when you take a shower or wash your hands? Slow drains are a tell-tale sign of more serious plumbing issues.

While you can fix some drain clogs with commercial drain cleaners, others contain thick residue and debris. Your average drain cleaner can’t handle these tough clogs. When in doubt, call your local rooter experts for assistance.

Bad Odors

Most people don’t like it when their home smells bad. Of course, your bathrooms and kitchens shouldn’t reek of rotten eggs and garbage. However, clogged drains and sewage pipe issues often cause foul odors to spread throughout a property.

Multiple Clogged Drains

The only thing worse than one clogged drain is many clogged drains. Each additional clog puts more strain on your home’s plumbing. In some cases, this pressure can cause catastrophic plumbing failures.

MVP Plumbing Are Your Rooter Service Experts!

MVP Plumbing is Newtown Square’s plumbing company of choice.

MVP Plumbing offers drain cleaning and drain clog removal services in Newton Square, PA. Our experts have years of experience helping homeowners with rooting projects. We only use high-grade products that will get the job done.

Many competitors like to surprise their customers with unexpected fees and cheap tricks. We refuse to do so, as we offer upfront pricing. With us, there are no surprises; you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying ahead of time.

We also specialize in custom plumbing solutions. We believe every project deserves care and attention, so we work with you to create a unique plan. In addition, we tailor projects to meet your specific goals and budget.

Finally, when you work with us, we guarantee you’ll have complete peace of mind. Our countless satisfied customers rave about our professionalism and craftsmanship. It’s this experience that guarantees that you’ll be nothing but happy with our work.

Looking for rooter Service near me? Choose MVP Plumbing

If you’re looking for rooter service in Newtown Square, PA, MVP Plumbing is your best bet. We’re skilled sewer repair experts who can identify and treat your unique problems. Give us a call at 484-435-7585 to speak to a team member today!

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