Reliable Shower Repair and Installation in Newtown Square, PA

When you need a new shower, don’t settle for subpar service. Call MVP Plumbing at 484-453-8039.

If you look forward to your showers, you’ll hate when it breaks. Don’t leave yourself without the comfort of a warm way to start your day. When you need shower repair and installation in Newtown Square, PA, MVP Plumbing is the team to call.

We handle a wide range of plumbing services, from repiping services to new fixture installations. We’ll provide you with the shower of your dreams.

Trustworthy Shower Repair in Newtown Square

Whether you need new shower heads or an unclogged drain, MVP Plumbing expertly handles every repair.

Signs You Need Shower Repairs

Look for these signs you need a plumber to repair your shower:

  • Water pressure: Depending on the issue, your shower might have too little water or might randomly shoot intense bursts. You might just need a new showerhead, but a professional can confirm it’s nothing serious.
  • Pooling or dripping: If you see water pooling in your shower when it’s not in use or notice drips, it indicates a leak. While trickles are common immediately following a shower, if it continues, you’ll want to address the issue before it causes greater damage.
  • Backing up: Nothing’s more annoying than water pooling up to your ankles during a shower. Call a plumber to unclog your drain!
  • Smells and noise: Rattling pipes or the smell of unseen mold or mildew mean you have a serious problem. A professional can fix the problem before it becomes more serious.

Most Common Cause of Shower Problems

These problems cause the most issues for your shower:

  • Leaks: The leak might not occur in your shower head. Internal pipe leaks can manifest as shower problems.
  • Clogs: A blockage anywhere in your plumbing system can cause a backup in your shower.
  • Hard water: Sediment-filled water builds up in your pipes and fixtures, eroding them over time. A water filtration system can prevent this problem.
Tub Drain Services in Newtown Square, PA

Benefits of Shower Installation in Newtown Square

What are the benefits of shower repair and installation in Newtown Square, PA?


When you hire shower installation services, you can customize your shower. Depending on your space, you could have multiple shower heads, special tile or stone, or seating within the shower.

Energy Savings

When you install a new shower, you reduce the risk of leaking and can choose a showerhead with higher energy efficiency. Both these factors reduce your energy bills.

Peace of Mind

A new shower lasts a long time, so you can rest easy knowing you won’t spend excess money on repairs. You’ll also ensure your shower is free of mold or clogged drains that ruin your enjoyment and risk your health.

Call MVP Plumbing for the Best Shower Services in Newtown Square, PA

From leak detection services to providing new showers and tubs, we provide high-quality service every step of the way.

Are you ready to reclaim your daily shower? Call 484-453-8039 to schedule shower repair and installation in Newtown Square, PA, with MVP Plumbing.

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