Sewage ejector Pump Services in Newtown Square, PA

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Sewage is more than just unpleasant. If it doesn’t immediately flow out of your home, sewage leaves behind repulsive smells and can even lead to illnesses. While some home and business owners can count on gravity to send waste to their sewer lines, others need the help of sewage ejector pumps.

To help keep your residential or commercial property as pleasant as possible, MVP Plumbing provides high-quality sewage ejector pump services in Newtown Square, PA. Our services include sewage ejector pump installation, maintenance, and repairs. As your trusted local plumbing company, MVP Plumbing is committed to using our professional experience and expertise to brighten every customer’s day.

If you need sewage ejector pump services, contact MVP Plumbing today. Your drain cleaning experts in Newtown Square will work as efficiently as possible to restore your building’s functions. Call us at 484-816-5639 to request service. 

What Is a Sewage Ejector Pump?

Some homes and businesses in Newtown Square, PA, have bathrooms that sit below the building’s connection to its sewer or septic system. If this is the case for your property, you likely have a sewage ejector pump, also known as a sewage ejector pump. This piece of plumbing equipment breaks down sewage waste and pumps it from the bathroom into the main sewer line.

Sewage ejector Pump-Services By MVP Plumbing

Our Sewage ejector Pump Services in Newtown Square, PA

MVP Plumbing offers the following sewage ejector pump services in Newtown Square, PA, to ensure proper plumbing functions:

Sewage ejector Pump Installation

If you have never replaced the sewage ejector pump in your home or business, it may be outdated. These pumps last an average of 20 years. Once they are near that age, sewage ejector pumps can become worn down and fail to operate properly.

If you need a new pump, sewage ejector pump installation from MVP Plumbing is the solution. Our experts will remove your existing piece of equipment and professionally install a new ejector pump to rid your home or business of any standing sewage and restore correct functions.

You may also require sewage ejector pump installation if you’re moving into a new property. Our experienced team works with numerous brands and types of pumps, so we’ll install the ideal one for your building.

Sewage ejector Pump Maintenance

It’s essential for your sewage ejector pump to receive regular maintenance throughout its lifespan. As we mentioned, most sewage ejector pumps last around 20 years. However, your pump’s longevity can decrease without proper maintenance, as numerous issues lead to damage and operational failure.

Because sewage ejector pumps have several components and are relatively complicated, performing maintenance requires professional training and knowledge. Our experienced plumbers use specialized skills and tools to prevent damage and messes and provide effective maintenance. Your sewage ejector pump will work correctly for a longer time. 

Sewage ejector Pump Repairs

From damage to clogging, numerous problems can cause your sewage ejector pump to fail. When it does, you’ll likely begin to smell offensive and unpleasant sewage odors coming from your bathroom and spreading throughout your property. To eliminate these odors, you’ll need timely sewage ejector pump repairs from a reliable plumbing company.

Some sewage ejector pump problems that require repairs include:

  • Grease accumulation – As your sewage ejector pump disposes of wastewater, sending it to your sewer or septic system, household grease can begin to accumulate. When it does, it can stick together and cause significant clogs within your sewer pipes that lead to a backed-up system. Repairs can help clear the clog and restore the system.
  • Suction valve problems – Your sewage pump also has a suction valve that helps the system operate. This component can incur damage or suffer from gradual wear and tear and require either repairs or replacement. 
  • Float switch issues – Each sewage ejector pump has a small device called a float switch, which tells the pump when the sewage tank is full. If your float switch fails, your ejector pump won’t know when to dispose of waste, and sewage can overflow. During repairs, our plumbers can inspect your float switch for issues and recommend a replacement if necessary.

Call MVP Plumbing Today to Schedule Service

If you have any bathrooms below the level of your septic system, a sewage ejector pump is crucial. To ensure your system works properly and prevent unpleasant odors and potential sickness, MVP Plumbing provides professional sewage ejector pump services in Newtown Square, PA. Call today at 484-816-5639 to schedule service or inquire about our repiping services.

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