Water Leak Repair in Newtown Square, PA

Don’t let water leaks ruin your property or possessions—call MVP Plumbing today to schedule immediate water leak repairs in and around Newtown Square, PA!

If you arrive home to a flooded bathroom or kitchen, call for prompt water leak repair in Newtown Square, PA! Water leaks and other plumbing issues are never ideal, and immediate action could save you a lot of time and money.

As leaders in Newtown Square’s leak detection services, MVP Plumbing is a great choice to protect your home from water damage and the many problems that follow it.

water leak repair in newtown square, pa

The Dangers of Water Leaks in Residential Properties

Water can wreak havoc on any home, whether it is a slow leak or a torrent. If your plumbing system springs a leak, the home becomes susceptible to major structural damage. Contaminated water also brings various health concerns for you and your family, not to mention the problems that come afterward.

Aesthetics and Rot

Leaks within the walls present streaks, strains, and discoloration. However, beyond this, it can also rot drywall and wood and encourage mold growth.

Unhealthy Contaminants

If the moisture does sprout mold and bacteria, the negative impacts also extend to your health. Mold causes respiratory issues, such as congestion and breathing problems. The spores are especially dangerous for those with already-weakened immune systems and asthma.

Lower Return on Investment

Water leaks will also lower the value of a home because few buyers want to invest in a property with a history of water damage or frequent pipe leaks.

Top Causes of Water Leaks in Newtown Square

Two of the main areas we see water leaks include toilets and appliances.


When toilets leak, they waste hundreds of gallons of water. Common causes of toilet leaks include the following:

  • Leaks from the tank to the bowl (“silent” water wastage)

  • List ItemWater running into the toilet’s overflow tube

Test your toilet by putting a dozen drops of food coloring into the tank. Has the dye made its way into the toilet bowl without flushing? There is a leak.


A number of appliances within your home could also be leaking water, including the following:

  • Dishwashers

  • Hot water heaters

  • Washing machines

  • List ItemRefrigerators

Check for water pooling around these appliances. You can also check your water meter’s reading before and after shutting off appliances for at least two hours.

If you aren’t sure, call our licensed plumbers. We fix common water leak issues to try and improve your water efficiency to curb expensive water bills.

Emergency Water Leak Repair in Newtown Square, PA

Leaks can happen at any time, which is why MVP Plumbing offers emergency water leak repairs in Newtown Square, Clifton Heights, Radnor, Springfield, Wynnewood, and Rosemont, Pennsylvania.

Have you spotted a water leak?

  • Shut off your water supply.

  • Call a qualified plumber. 

If safe to do so, clean up pooling water and move out furniture and other items before a technician arrives.

Looking for water leak repair near me? Choose MVP Plumbing

Don’t let a minor leak snowball into a major plumbing disaster—call MVP Plumbing company at (484) 535-7540 today to take care of your property’s water leak repair in Newtown Square, PA!

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